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 ruin photoRUIN is a mixture of melodic and doom metal with environmentalist themes.

 Our debut is a concept album wherein the forces of nature are bent on destroying humanity in self-defense. Gaia is portrayed as a vengeful goddess seeking to reclaim what humanity has stolen from her natural
 splendour. The album is both a thematic exploration of a post-apocalyptic world as well as a plea to listeners to consider what they take from the Earth, and from each other.
 *We are a self-produced two-man metal project from Calgary Alberta influenced by Opeth, Ahab, Shape of Despair and Iron Maiden. Zach Boser  does the production work out of his home studio with creative input from
 longtime friend and bandmate Adam Smith. Zach is the main instrumentalist of the group, while Adam provides drum programming, lyrics and vocals.*

Official Loneravn CD edition: LR-006-CD
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 Murder Hollow began in 2013. Formed originally by Juho and Jallu, the lineup was later completed by Pekko and Heikki. The idea back then was simply to play doom metal with re-interpretations of popular fairytales as lyrical themes and ugly vocals. The band started to play gigs pretty quickly after that and released their first demo on tape and CD in 2014.The style and lyrical subject matter of the first songs is considerably different (one might even say inferior) from the later work the band is better known for.

The first full length album, "Titan", was recorded in early 2015 after some extensive preparations and rehearsing. The release marked a new direction with different esoteric and mythological lyrical content, structurally more complex songs and more prominent sludge and death metal influences.

Following some not-so-active promotional work on the band's part, the album was picked up and scheduled for release by Loneravn Records. Murder Hollow continue to write new material, play live and expand their range of influences both musically and lyrically, and some later material even contains passages influenced by hardcore punk and other genres.

Official Loneravn CD edition: LR-005-CD
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Atmospheric folk doom metal project from Ukraine, founded in 2013. The project is the basis for creativity which laid the love of medieval music and a passion for doom metal. England, France, Ireland, Scotland... Music of the project consists of intertwining these two completely different directions, dilute their own understanding of their alloy. At the moment we are working on a second material, which will be presented to the music of other regions.
Music project will appeal to lovers of medieval music and fans are not particularly hard doom metal.
Official Loneravn CD edition: LR-004-CD
Official Page: Megalith Temple 




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